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We absolutely love going to this class every Saturday with Ella! It is the highlight of our weekend ! She loves the dancing and the singing and Kerry is so wonderful with the kids! We even had her come for Ella’s first birthday party and everyone had a blast ! We listen to the songs on all our car rides ! And she loves them !



We could not be more grateful for Miss Kerry and what she brings to Music Together®. She is absolutely wonderful with the kids in her classes and engages them on a level we haven't seen before. Our son is a former 26 week micropreemie with a history of pretty extreme developmental delays. We have been in music together for 4 semesters so far and have seen such drastic improvements in his growth and development that he will no longer qualify for any type of developmental services come December. He is active and engaged throughout the classes and is beginning to sing along and mimic the movements. We can't say enough about these classes and what they have done for our son. We are forever grateful and so excited to continue to watch him grow and love music with the help of Miss Kerry and Music Together!


Michelle Latour Brown  recommends Music Together of Bloomsburg.

September 10

I can’t say enough about Kerry Kenny and Music Together! We’ve been doing classes for about a year now. I’ve done Music Together for almost a year with my daughter and Kerry is AMAZING! My daughter has made so many improvements with music class as an addition to her therapies! Our daughter has developmental delays in gross motor and speech- and she may not be talking much yet, but she is now SINGING. She’s also doing the motions for the songs even when we listen to them at home. It’s incredible the things children retain through music and movement. I am amazed each week by the progress our daughter shows- we have actually been able to decrease her formal therapies and increase her music classes- how awesome is that!? I highly recommend Music Together of Bloomsburg for anyone, but if you have a child with any special needs, definitely consider these classes for your little one!!! Kerry’s classes are AMAZING!! I can’t say it enough ��


Our family absolutely LOVES Music Together and Kerry! We started attending her classes when our son was only 9 months, he is now a little over 2 years. Some of his first words/songs were from her class. I believe the level of his language skills and ability to follow rhythms/patterns in music and sound is due to this class. We listen to the CDs in the car non stop and he sings along with them! It makes any car ride so much easier!




Rachel Anderson reviewed Music Together of Bloomsburg — 5 star
April 29

My husband and I have participated in multiple classes with our daughter (currently 2 and a half) and it has been a wonderful experience! We look forward to each high-energy, interactive class and the knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic atmosphere Miss Kerry provides. The classes really are one of the bright spots of each week. From the first class until now, we've noticed a continued increase in our daughter's interest in music. The songs we've learned have exposed her to a wide variety of musical styles, instruments, and rhythms. Playing the songs in the car has transformed our car rides from lots of whining to lots of singing! Overall, Music Together with Miss Kerry has been priceless and we'd definitely recommend it to other families!



I can't express how much my daughter and I love Music Together! We started when she was around 6 months old and it became such a highlight of our week. Kerry has amazing energy and enthusiasm. The best part is what a noticeable difference these classes have made in my daughter, even at such a young age. She tries to sing, clap, and drum to the beat. The music in class (especially Hello Everybody) has such an amazing calming effect on her. When fussing in the car, it immediately calms her down. In fact, we even took this magical CD on our recent family vacation to Yellowstone. We spent so much time in the car and she was so content because of her Music Together CD.

Another great thing is how the structure of the class aligns with my own parenting philosophies. I try to introduce Montessori concepts at home, and this pairs so well with that! I looked into other music classes and I didn't like how small children were expected to perform a certain way at such a young age. There is no expectation from the children. They get involved as much or as little as they want (or are able), and parents model the behavior for them. I love that!

I can't wait to see how these classes continue to nurture her musically as she grows. I would highly recommend this to any parents of young kids!

Heather Joseph reviewed Music Together of Bloomsburg — 5 star




Moon Willow reviewed Music Together of Bloomsburg — 5 star
We LOVE Kerry's classes. They are my daughter's favorite. Such great energy, very engaging, and Kerry is so great with children.



Kara Ann reviewed Music Together of Bloomsburg — 5 star

My daughter, Summer (14 months old) and I are having SO much fun in Music Together with Kerry! Kerry does a wonderful job with all the children. The music is fun, the group is interactive and we look forward to our Friday morning class. I highly recommend checking out the program


Debra Manning reviewed Music Together of Bloomsburg — 5 star
May 14

My daughter and I just loved Kerry's class! She is always fun and upbeat and great with the children. We sadly had to head out west and can't attend her classes anymore. My daughter (who is 3) still asks to go to her class!



Melissa Bendig Kalinchok reviewed Music Together of Bloomsburg — 5 star
May 21

Kerry sang at my daughter's first birthday party yesterday and I can't say enough about her! She kept the kids engaged and made the day so special for us! Thank you Kerry!



Fantastic program!!
Kerry is wonderful! 

My kids LOVE music class!!


Wonderful classes that enrich my little ones. We <3 music class!


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"An excellent program for my grandaughter and myself. Together we share a very special musical experience. Kerry Kenny is an amazing educator who brings joy and happiness to each of the classes. We're looking forward to a new semester and the "Drums" collection. Thanks, Kerry!

- Sandra Frantz


"...so much fun and very well-organized too! Each class is new and different and there are so many different instruments that the kids just love to play with. I often find my son rocking and dancing to different rhythms. And he LOVES listening to the CD - especially in the car. Not only does HE love Music Together but it's fun for me too!" 

- LeeAnne Symuleski

Kerry, We can’t thank you enough for bringing Music Together to the area! It has been amazing to see [our son] grow and develop through music. My Mom always says that he has music in his soul! He is always humming, singing or playing a beat with whatever he can find. We have you to thank for bringing that out in him!! Not to mention how [my husband] and I use the songs from class to diffuse situations and to just have fun with him! We look forward to see where music takes him in this world. 

Ellen Wojtowicz

Meghan Elizabeth is with Brian Marpoe and Kerry KennyAugust 25

Harper tried out a music class through Music Together of Bloomsburg yesterday and I couldn't rave more about the experience we had.
The instructor, Kerry, was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Her ability to communicate to the children through song was beautiful and her level of energy was so refreshing.
Harper was so engaged for the entire class that it almost brought tears to my eyes.
I highly recommend anyone with little ones to check it out. You won't be disappointed!
And a huge thank you to Amy Rynhart for snagging the photos.

Meghan Elizabeth

Kerry sang at my daughter's first birthday party yesterday and I can't say enough about her! She kept the kids engaged and made the day so special for us! Thank you Kerry!

Birthday Party Reviews!

We absolutely love going to this class every Saturday with Ella! It is the highlight of our weekend ! She loves the dancing and the singing and Kerry is so wonderful with the kids! We even had her come for Ella’s first birthday party and everyone had a blast ! We listen to the songs on all our car rides ! And she loves them !

Mica Maksimak

Via email, June 2, 2019


Hi Kerry,

I just had to share with you how wonderful the class was this session, and being our first, give you our thanks and appreciation for all your hard work, dedication, and the love you exude for both your work and for children. Being with you has been such a blessing.
Also wanted to share a proud mommy moment with you: I was about to give Phoenix a bath tonight and was singing the chickadee song. As you maybe noticed he is very pensive in class and i never know if he is absorbing any of it or just overwhelmed by it all. But he started, unprompted, making the little hand motions that we do for the chickadee song. I wasn't doing it myself, just singing, and he did them!!! I was so excited and it made me feel like "yay! Something is soaking in!!"
Lots of love and have a great summer
Molly Werntz

Via Facebook Messenger, June 1, 2019

There is always a song or 2 he favors most from each session. The Music is something he truly loves. Even if he isn't "into it" on class day. We use the music so many times throughout the day. I use a lot of the songs to calm him down. He HATES being on the changing tabble so we have to sing something to get him to stop crying. It works like a charm! And the CDs are also like magic in the car. ❤️❤️! We are beyond blessed to have been introduced to Miss Kerry (we LOVE her!) and her music class!!

Mallory Curio